Arma 3's campaign and my crackpot theories.

You know the general story of the campaign? Well this is my interpretation of it at any rate going off the official faction descriptions. Which are as follows:

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Decadess of economic and political turbulence across member states has left NATO weakened and facing a strategic paradigm shift.

With CSAT political and military influence dominating from the Pacific to the Mediterranean, NATO seeks to consolidate their diminished forces around traditional strongholds. As tensions continue to grow in the east, a US-led joint NATO-AAF peacekeeping force stationed on Stratis - Task Force Aegis - is in the middle of a staged drawdown.

The remaining units - a company of combat units, a helicopter squadron, and support staff are chiefly involved in dismantling military infrastructure and decommissioning vehicles in preparation of their final withdrawal, as the US shifts the focus of its conventional forces to the Pacific theatre.

Canton Strategic Alliance Treaty

Formed at the apex of the Canton Protocol summits, this strategic alliance of states is built upon the goals of mutual defense, expanded global influence, and sustained economic growth.

CSAT has risen in prominence over the last decade. Investment in shared civil and military technology and the aggressive pursuit of opportunities and partnerships throughout Asia, South America and North Africa has led to a sharp increase in strategic tension across the globe, as traditional spheres of power and influence are encroached upon.

Recently partnering with the government of The Republic of Altis and Stratis, joint civilian and military projects are supported by an independent mechanized brigade-sized force.

Altis Armed Forces

In the wake of civil war, the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030 mandated the creation of an armed defence force to secure the sovereign territory of The Republic of Altis and Stratis.

Although it officially operates under the observation and training of international peacekeepers, the force remains loyal to the new, hard-line Altis government and acts with de facto judicial and executive authority. However, it is debilitated by an inexperienced command structure and is blighted by widespread corruption.

Limited in scope, the battalion-sized force is weighed-down by on-going counter-insurgency operations on Altis and, recently, has reached-out to the international community for additional support including, among others, both the political and militarized wings of CSAT member states and associated private investment companies.

Freedom and Independance Army

Believed to be chiefly composed of former and defected members of the Altis Armed Forces, disparate fragments of opposition to the 2026 Kavala coup d’etat joined together in the grind of bloody civil war.

United in pursuit of the removal of the military-backed government and the rejection of external influence - despite recent setbacks - the FIA have begun to gain traction among the largely displaced population of the Republic and has found international support in the west.

Although the exact size of the FIA remains unknown - with evidence of cells operating across the entirety of Altis - they have remained a veritable thorn in the Pyrgos government’s side. As to the question of their namesake, rumours harken back to stories of resistance cells of the same name opposing Soviet occupation at the height of the Cold War.

My theory

What triggered the full scale invasion by CSAT at the end was something not many people seem to think about. Remember the strange devices? In my oppinion, they weren’t any sort of weapon. They were portable fusion reactors. Unless you’re a bit slow, you probably don’t realize the world is dwindling in natural resources and there is a serious energy crisis, especially around 2035. Fusion reactors can generate limitless power and this project, especially in it’s miniaturized form, has potentially ended the energy crisis and opened up vastly broader horizons in space travel.

It’s development is being carried out in secret by private research corporations. The public has no idea. If you chose to respond to James on the radio and investigate you will end up stealing the device and giving it to Miller, part of a shadowy spec ops team from the UK with unknown agendas. Miller is kind of an arsehole and you barely know anything about him so I can’t really disscern his loyalties. One thing is clear, He cares little about NATO forces, FIA or the AAF and is using them to further his agenda. By how CSAT executed the scientists after the technology was completed (If you go to investigate the domes in the escape mission) shows they absolutely do not want anything to leak. I believe that when you walk into the place CSAT black ops are removing the evidence.

Destabilizing the island, assaulting CSAT backed research facilities and obtaining the reactor. My theory is if you chose not to respond to James you have essentialy doomed Europe and the US and allowed CSAT to capitalize on their exclusive fusion technology to excert their influence over the entire world. Perhaps Miller’s goal was to get the device to European scientists to reverse-engineer it.

Now I predict there will be a CTRG dlc as well as a EUROFORCE dlc in the future.

Uh, well. Fusion reactors are not anywhere near as dangerous as you think. The biggest danger is probably from the support equipment malfunctioning (lasers, superconductors, super powerful magnets). Fusion requires very specific conditions (essentially enough pressure and heat) to be sustained for energy release. If the containment fails, the pressure drops rapidly and fusion stops. The big hazard there is the release of some super hot plasma, but certainly no nuclear explosion. Unlike fission, it doesn’t generate significant amounts of radioactive material, and while current nuclear weapons are a fission into fusion reaction, it is one that is entirely uncontrolled. The methods behind a power generating fusion reaction and that of the thermonuclear device are, while based on the same science, wildly different.

Also: the earthquakes are easily explained. The Mediterranean is an extremely active tectonic area, where Africa is moving into Europe. There are earthquakes there all the time.
Fusion is mainly being researched by large publicly funded groups due to the expensive and pie in the sky nature of it. It wasn’t so long ago that an American team announced they had carried out a laser based fusion process which had a net positive output of energy, though it was only sustained for a very short while.
Miller’s presence is also easily explained by them working closely with the FIA (the campaign shows that he already knows the leaders prior to the campaign starting), most likely in response to the Military Junta being a non-democracy that is leaning to CSAT. Special forces have gone in for less.

Fusion’s not dangerous? Huh… I stand corrected, I just assumed that lots of energy means massive potential explosions. Like nukes, or gasoline. It’s why those laptop batteries explode. I’m still betting that device is a portable fusion reactor, and Miller’s black ops wanted it.

Fusion reactions do give out massive amounts of energy. But you need the environment of the centre of a star. A nuclear weapon fuses a large amount of nuclear fuel using a fission explosion. A fusion reactor needs to be able to harness that energy, so a fusion reactor releases far far less energy over that second long period, but more over a large scale of time. They are designed not to catastrophically explode.

You’re quite learned

Particle physics is a very interesting subject. A pet project of mine to try and keep up to date on it. Don’t confuse me for a physicist though. I don’t have any applicable knowledge, only basics.