Arma 3 Star Wars

Well, it didnt take long before it had to happen:


But, but … but, why is Vader fighting and not Darth Maul ? Where is Obi Wan and…

This looks as u** up as the Breaking-Point-Close-Combat-Fights =) you never know when you hit!

I want that map.

I believe this map and mod is absolutely essential

Let’s blame the guys who made the mod when the game engine isn’t made for it.
Just enjoy the effort, that’s thanks to lads like this who push the limits that the game/serie will become greater as a whole.
And StarWars man !

Don’t get me wrong guys …

I’m more joking around than being serious … and all the guys who played BP know what i’m talking about :slight_smile:

Still Thumbs up for every Modder out there! I wouldn’t be able to create the most simple script… even if my life would depend on it

Couldn’t you theoretically duel or deflect lasers? I mean… the lightsaber can deflect projectiles much like a rifle being held across the chest can. And you can aim the lightsaber, similarly to how you could aim the riotshield to deflect projectiles in the mod I posted.