ARMA 3 ShoutCast- Mechanized Infantry


A very interesting and very large PvP session where several communities came together to do what I think was a 40 person PvP fight. Equal numbers of attackers and defenders but the attackers have a few Bradleys and M113 APCs to give them an advantage. The cramped terrain and urban area gave the defenders a little bit of help against the Bradleys chain gun and advanced (compared to Russian IFVs) optics. I wont go into what happens in too much detail but some of the groups making up OPFOR defenders are really good with RPG-7s… The only problem what the guy commentators co-host dropped out and the battle was too much at the beginning for one guy to keep track of and he was a bit overwhelmed moving his spectator mode back and forth a bit too quickly where I would have zoomed out a little and tried to slow down the commentary and not try and sound like I am covering a wrestling match.

CNTO should try and send a delegation for this sort of event in the future. Really help spread our name out there

That is simply awesome Teddy! This is what I miss in Arma - large scale team vs team battles. No coop can beat playing against cunning, smart human opponents. We should participate in such events.

One question - my guess is that large number of players doesn’t influence performance that much, or ?

As far as I understand one AI is more perfomance heavy than one player. The AI has to be calculated within the server (When it shoots, moves etc.) where with a player, this information is just send from the client pc and the server is only a middle man who just passes the message on. Less stress on the server.

That’s what I’ve picked up but I might be totally wrong. :wink:

It’s not just about name, it’s simply fun to play that. I didn’t watch the video up to the end, there is no respawn, right?

No respawn no

The only problem is that it’s going to be pretty late for us. Most of these are american communities or "units" as they like it. They do say though that they do some earlier from time to time where Europeans can attend so we’ll probably have to stick to these. Also it’s friday night which can both be good and bad for us.

Also they use TFAR which is a bitch.

This is why I really hate mods. I mean, look at how much the Arma 3 community is fragmented just because each has it’s own mod list.

TFAR is awesome, at least the radios are , not the directional voice part

We could always host our own tournaments among european/international communities, or at least talk to them a bit more. I’d like to do some largescale pvp.

I really think that participating in other events with other communities will certainly increase the popularity of our community. I dont know i’ve we’ve ever done this before but im sure is worth trying.

I hate fighting against you guys in PvP. Fighting alongside you all against another community however rocks my boat a little more. PvP is really at it’s best with large numbers. It may drive up PvP numbers as members would be required to fight for the good name that is Carpe Noctem!

The main issue is always going to be the mods used. The only thing I can think of in order to get this working is for us to host a ‘Fight Night’ ourselves. Maybe once a month on a Saturday night or something to start with in order not to interfere with our official stuff and test the waters.

If we as a community "lead" on the idea. We would be in the best position to make demands regarding mods. E.g. ACRE over TFAR etc. We could then make the other demands for our play style such as 1x Scopes only, FT and SQ sizes etc.

Some of the groups in that video are European? We could contact them once we have a good basis for the idea to look at setting something up. I much prefer the idea of fighting alongside 20-25 of us along with another community against a couple of other communites.

This is a touchy subject as cross community events always come with issues, but poentially it could drive up membership. Hell, maybe we could even get ‘MIC ONE’ to make a shoutcast video of the ‘inaugural European Fight Night!’ That could be a great form of advertisement for our community. Especially if we are using our awesome tactics and kicking ass!

Just radio and CBA and mods are settled.

I was just about to add that point Highway! Great minds think alike eh lol

There is absolutely nothing wrong with vanilla assets, along with CBA, ACRE/TFAR and maybe ACE for it’s medical system.

Well I’m glad I have started a discussion on joint ops. Just keep in mind that these guys seemed to not have that many guys from each community just a fire team or two. They appeared (from the overview) to be pretty well organised and work well together considering they were from different communities (BLUEFOR had a nice plan of attack at the beginning). I would be up for this perhaps we start small and have something like a open night and invite other communities, and any interested friends to some smallish coop events first. Or a PvP system with short rounds, after all that event had a 45min timer. As to mods and rules I think a small number of basics like Highway and Ozzie said would be best for PvP, perhaps be a little more open in Coop. Then again I think vanilla CSAT/NATO make for excellent units, gotta love moonmen helmets.

Lets not make conjecture at this point. Im so sure most communities out there use basic mods like RHS and IF we get RHS then we are simply sorted. If someone from our community reaches out to the others for this sort of stuff, we have PR for that kind of stuff only, it can definitely go some ways.

Are mods really that important? Few of them are essential (like radio) but most of them are simply cosmetic noise fragmenting community. Things like ACE and ACRE/TFAR should have already be built-in inside the engine but only due to incompetence of BI, they are not.

[justify]We have done this a couple of times in the EAGC (our previous community):

We organised two Coops, of which both had to be aborted due to technical issues.

We’ve organised four PvP of which one time the opposite side didn’t show up at all, another time the opposite side tried to recruit members from us after the match and two times where it went kinda ok.

For all these events the organisational work of the Officers was immense, even if the events ended up falling through. To simply get the leadership of two different groups to agree upon one mod list, one play style, one mission making style, code of conduct etc. is a nightmare. To then ensure that everyone installs their mods in time, tests them independently (instead of not doing so and then expecting help from those who did) and shows up on time is another.

From the perspective of a participant having joint-ops seems a rather fun and simple idea, but from the perspective of those who actually have to organise them it is neither of those things.

Our community has a quite low number of active people contributing to its organisation. Mission making, training, interviewing, administration, you name it - you’ll see the same names doing these jobs every week, some of those multiple jobs at a time. Unfortunately, this means we are not very likely to spread these scarce resources further by organising additional events with external communities any time soon under the current conditions.[/justify]

Clarke, you broke their hearts. :smiley:

I understand the reasons, because I’ve tried to the same with my previous community and it almost falls short of finding a responsible enough partner community sharing the similar values.

And therein is the crux of the issue. People join us because they want a particular environment. We are one of a very few that provide that.

Quasi-related but my old unit ran a public server. The public server days really encouraged more people to join the group. We could at least catch other players in the crossfire of our squad and encourage them to join to increase their game. The best time to host a public server there would be around the time the new island comes out to capitalize on the most traffic.

Essentially joining players would be restricted to base loadouts but cnto can play dressup with the vanilla arsenal and kick ass which will envy-trip the players into joining our group to learn from our wisdom and also use their wisdom and new gear against noobs who would further join our cause.

Whatsmore didn’t bohemia say they’re gonna have an auto download feature for servers? Could run some small mods.

Though, knowing you Clarke, you’ve probably already addressed this and dismissed it for fair reasons.