Arma 3 RHS public server


have find a interesting public PvP/TvT - sector control public server:

6 mods needed:

  • CUP terrains - core
  • CUP terrains - maps
  • CUP terrains - CWA

There is a couple of objectives which have to be controlled by one or onother side. Mission také 2 hours. You can buy whatever assets are in the RHS modpacks. Infantery has only first person view, vehicles has thirdperson view too.

Maps, yes maps not just locations, are changed at end of mission.

Name of server is in search box in launcher FT-2.
From some reason you need to direct connect (or use the launcher option) or the server looks like it s admin locked and not possible join in.

The IP is

Will be playing this weekend for sure, so would be happy if anybody would like to make a team, will be on TS. It s very simmilar what we do play and it s smart made.

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