Arma 3 - No DX12 support / CUP got updated.

So bad and good news:

Arma3 is not going to recieve DX12 support, its planned to be a part of new Enfusion engine for future games (possibly Arma4). It will not be a part of APEX update.


CUP got an update, new weapons, vehicles and map updates came into project, some additons are funny, some are quite interesiting.


Damn. Atleast there remains a possibilty for future update with dx12.

From what they write and how it looks like the chances of implementing DX12 into A3 are nearly zero. Too much workload would be spent redesigning major parts of engine hoping that it doesnt fall apart.

DX12 wouldn’t benefit us much anyways - you get full performance if application is writen with it in mind, not when it’s plastered on compatibility wise.

What bothers me is the thought that we’re about to get some content and fixes while they already think to abandon real virtuality. This might mean that once new "arma" gets released or announced we wont get much love. Also if that happens - what about all the mods and their creators? Would be lovely to be able to use those things in new engine and game too without having to write everything from scratch.

As somebody who knows SQF pretty well, at least I like to think so, the world would be a much, much better place if they got rid of it, replacing it with something more competent. I’m pretty sure many of the mod creators have similar thoughts, if they ever worked in any "real" programming language. Yes, it would mean rewriting a lot of stuff, yes, the API would be limited from the start, but - if done correctly - the result is well worth it.

It would be also awesome if they could replace custom 3D/audio/picture/compression/packing/… file formats with something standard. However I may dislike Java, their decision to go with zip archives as .jar files was an awesome one, for example.

Though we know none of the above are probably going to happen, Enfusion is just a VR spinoff (slightly improved Arma 2 engine by a 3rd party), so no revolution is coming. :slight_smile: