Arma 3 - Helicopters DLC and update

The DLC is finally out and with it comes a 1.2 gb update, so don’t forget to DL it before tomorrow’s OP.

Thanks for reminding me. It’s going to be interesting to try this one out.

I just hope this update doesn’t break the game lol.

Only 2 new helicopters… worth the 12(or something) euros right… -.-.
I would understand that price if the new helicopter handling, sling loading, and firing from vehicles would be exclusif, but it isn’t (luckily!!!). I feel BI should rethink their DLC strat.

The negative reviews on this DLC are piling up. If you already have the DLC due to the bundle deal please leave a negative review on this one as well to show BIS that this practice is bullshit.

So far their DLC’s have been a disappointing cash-grab. And sadly their third DLC is catering to the wasteland / DayZ lone wolf snipers instead of their actual arma community player base.

Hope the new update doesnt break to many things for tomorow :confused:

I am however happy that we have BI as a dev. We got sling loading, firing from vehicles and new helicopter handling for free.

They couldn’t really sell us sling loading when it has been available as a mod for free for over a year. While I appreciate the fact that the handling etc. was updated for free I still think that 12.99 euros for simply two helos is asking way too much. Especially considering the very slow development process on A3 in general over the last year due to them outsourcing so much man power over to DayZ standalone.

They sold a blind bundle deal a year ago to a die hard fanbase that would support them to the end of the earth and so far they have very little to show for us communities (not individual players go-karting through altis life). We desperately need new maps, new faction assets (so the reskinners finally get new plate armours etc. to work with) and fixes for old issues that are hardcoded like the pond/river issues. The rest can be taken care off by the modding community. But currently the modders are working with a very limited pool of clay to craft with, so instead of giving us new flying and shooting mechanics or go-karts (seriously, I’ll never let that one go) we need more assets to create stuff. Yes there are amazing modders like RHS out there who can create their own fully animated assets on BIS fidelity. But those are far and few. 90% of modders are very amateur who need more clay to play with.

You can’t really be pissed about the go-karts? They just made it for April Fools day and they donated the money they got with it to charity (correct me if Im wrong).

good thing about a DLC is that you dont need to buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

let it be :stuck_out_tongue: but wait what, we can freely shoot from choppers/vehicles now without being a gunner??!?

Sure I am, while it started out as an april fools day mod among the devs actually publishing it required work force for polish, animate, sound design, marketing, steam release and server compatibility. Even if that all sums up to only a weeks worth (and I highly doubt that it was just a week) it’s time and work wasted while the game itself stagnates to a crawl over the last 1.5 years.

My point is so far if you compare the A2 DLC’s with the A3 DLC’s and you experience a severe drop in value for money ratio. In an overall DLC-whoreing game industry even small steps towards EA’s business models is alarming and should be countered with negative reviews as long as we’re still in the position to do so. If BIS ever decides to go down that road full blast it will be hard to stop. Don’t forget that the EA’s business model of cash grab DLC started out with baby test steps as well, and people let it slide. No company is immune to the quick cash temptation and once they suckled from the easy-money teat they’ll be hooked and feel little incentive to go back to actually working for their DLC money.

Sane Critique really summed up my feelings about DLC in his Rome 2 review.

I’m very happy with the features that we got for free (FFV, Sling loading & advanced flying). They couldn’t have given those away without the funds to do so, and the funds come from the DLC. The DLCs were always going to be fairly light. BIS have no need to create content like vehicles & weapons etc because the community do that for them. This allows them to concentrate on the core game.

The only other way I can see them doing this, is to make the free updates premium for DLC owners only. This would split the community as it would limit what servers you could join. This is unfair as not all players can afford the DLC. I had no problem buying the DLC bundle because I want to show my support for the game & BIS. Of course the alternative is they don’t release any DLC, and therefore no new features at all.

It reminds me a lot of Minecraft. It’s base game hasn’t changed that much in the last few years, but the amount of high quality community made content is staggering! They may not ofter any DLC packages (that I am aware of) but they have sold 19 million copies. These studios have to make money somehow.

As long as the quality of the updates remains high, even if the DLC doesn’t then I am happy enough. There is always more they could do, but isn’t that always the case?