Arma 3 - Headshots, Grass Simulation etc.


Just found this and really like it … did you guys know?

Just Another Bug, there are IMHO more serious ones. Shooting over the wall is possible only because this particular wall has the top shoot-through - with other walls/rocks, the shot would hit the wall.

Sounds like the guy found "a" bug in Arma 3 and decided this is the most important thing in the world and explain it in over 8 minutes what could be a 20-second video. That’s fine and all, but I don’t think we should over-hype this any further.

For example - there are currently open bugs for a bullet hitting a soldier and not doing any damage, players being stuck in animations able to cause deliberate desyncs ("hacks"), bugs causing zero recoil, … and all of these have been open for a lot of months. Arma 3 is still full of them. :frowning:

You know it would be nice if ever bug had 9 min video to explain and demostrate it. Hard to think of a more unpopular concept for videos than video demonstrations of uninteresting bugs though.

Emmmm … the wall thing bug i don’t care …

The thing about the grass simulation and why shots go over … that was the thing i did not know!

Now i get why AI sometimes just disappears… just hidden in grass… damn … i feel just very, very ignorant!