ARMA 3 Gungame !

Can we try this sometime ?


I always loved the CS gungame and this look awesome !

I would definetly be up for this!
Also, what is that shiny Carpe Noctem thing I see below your post?

ARMA PVP is where it’s at… I can’t wait till we actually start organized PVP, but until then, I will definitely be up for any type of adversarial gameplay! I play a lot of King of the Hill in my free time :slight_smile:

Chris, that must be one of Enjin’s automatically generated signature things.

I want that, it’s so Shiny (see what I did there?)

U can get that signature in your account settings, It also uses it on other Enjin sites so its pretty awesome :slight_smile:
Also ill try and get a hold of that script for gungame and run a private server sometime if we got enough people up for it.

Or just put it on the server, a mission file wont hurt?