Arma 3: DLC - Global mobilisation

New official DLC was released for Arma 3, made by third party and is on sale now for 20e.

I hope we adopt this at some point, although apparently it’s buggy at this point.

Map is superheavy to run and assets have many issues. So far, not a good buy.

I have it. I liked the campaign. It is more war-war (in a authentic/professional sense), than Bohemia’s campaigns, and less fancy stories/scenarios. Also some quite interesting tank warfare which hasn’t been seen in ArmA3-campaigns yet, although a platoon of bot crewmen is a pain in the ass.
I didn’t find the campaign particularly performance heavy (although it was filled with tanks, which’s wrecks even stayed through missions), but maybe multiplayer is performance heavy - haven’t played it.
As the description ‘Creators DLC’ also suggests, this is the only DLC that isn’t a part of the ArmA3 universe. Content wise this could surely also be criticised as a paid and smaller RHS content mod pack.

I don’t think there ever will be a big portion of CNTO owning this DLC due to its price while appearing like an RHS mod. But I think it is more than that. I’m generally positive compared to my expectations before the buy (which were the lowest yet for a DLC).

I’m up for some of the multiplayer missions if anyone’s interested. Still haven’t tried them. There’s not exactly a lot being hosted.

Edit: oh and the mobility part: the streams are actually deep and impassible for vehicles so the bridges have strategically importance as opposed to Altis where excacly 0 bridges are necessary for any vehicle.

We haven’t made ownership of any DLC mandatory to join the community, even Apex that has now a 100% ownership (only taking people into account who participated in the last Event Survey) out of concern of creating a paywall to join.

However, I think it could be realistic that we create a similar rule to Apex that we play a mission every two months with said mod if ownership becomes more widespread.

As of now, this is the first DLC I haven’t bought on launch from Bohemia because I am severely concerned with the concept of paid-mods. Any foray into this has so far not been good for the consumer or the modding scene. While far from a complete disaster this mod has not done much to improve my view on such a strategy. Make Arma not War split the community for over a year and hindered any kind of file and code sharing across modding teams, slowing modding growth across the board. Picking a modding group and making a mini DLC (at full price of regular DLC) seems like a repeat of the same issues - taking talent from an already small scene and separating it further.

I strongly agree, but as, and only as, I respect BIS and see them as good people I’ve given it a shot. I wouldn’t do it with example; Bethesda’s creation club-shit.
It must be something technical that I’m not inside, but it surprises me that you say that Make Arma Not War slowed modding growth. Wasn’t the intention to pump some motivation into mod creation? On the winner page we have: RHS, TFAR and King of the Hill - I guess the most player multiplayer mission after "… Life".

Although I too say global mobilization looks like a mod, it is not that different from other DLC’s content-quantity-wise (maps, vehicles, weapons, factions, missions) - the stuff you normally pay to use.
Helicopter, Jet, Marksman, Tank -DLC’s; were they really more content heavy in what you pay to use? I don’t think they were. But sure, these had a lot of great free stuff besides like, stamina overhaul, weapon resting and deploying, driving model overhaul, advanced flight model (heli), vehicle interior and sensor overhaul, while the only barely noticeable free update with this DLC was that the appearance of you magazine is now shown on your weapon model.
But it cost the same as Apex now. That is too much.

The map 419 Km2 could be a hell nice thing to play on. Still did not bought it, but, the map could be really nice playground. Apex was at first more expensive than this. If this would cost in sale 10-12 e, why not go for that like a community. Personally dont mind the third party creation, when BIS approves it (the map itself had to take hunderets of hours of work !), so why not support more content in arma by small money.

As far as I remember the visible content and maybe more of the Jet DLC was also third party, which was also good quality. looking it up

[i]"This was the first DLC in the entire series to have been externally developed in partnership with a third party group (Bravo Zero One Studios).

The project lead of B01, Joshua Carpenter (aka Saul), was behind the creation of the "F/A-18X Black Wasp" addon. It was one of the entrants in the Addon category for Bohemia Interactive’s Make Arma Not War competition and achieved third place amongst the finalists."[/i] Quote from Jets DLC | Armed Assault Wiki | Fandom

Anyway, I’d be very much into some tank coop, with two or more fully crewed tanks and all that UI help disabled, like shack-tac (unnecessarily showing bearing), attached unit markers, ‘panels’ (GPS and crew cams) and that giant fucking cross across the entire map which is unavoidably present and unremovable in all tracked vehicles it seems and all aircraft.

Thought I’d share an ‘Aha!’ I just found. I always found the range of lights in ArmA3 to be disappointing, whether it is far headlights on a car (which would illuminate 30m or so) or a helicopter strobe light, where you’d almost need to kiss the ground to get anything out of the light. But this tank search light. Love it. That … is functional light.