Arma 1 and 2 mods

Hey, guys, I’m playing through Arma 1 and 2 here soon (I’ve never played 1, but I loved 2). What are some mods that you guys might recommend to make that experience better?

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I played Operation Flashpoint (ARMA1) without mods and it was fucking awesome … but jeah, i was very young and had no clue!

I only played ArmA 2 for DayZ so i cant help you

I know, you know how to use google and stuff but hey… here you are :slight_smile:

Mod’s Question

For arma 2 you should have your console commands ready, its quite buggy and I really disliked a certain part of the campaign where arma 2 becomes an RTS

If you don’t want to have it super hardcore, there’s a "cheat" I used to use during the OPFL campaign - whenever you save, you can rename the savefile to create a "backlog" of several saves (like Arma3 has if you switch on a specific setting).

Also, if possible, consider playing the pre-resistance version - the one where LAWs flew straight, you couldn’t drop inventory items, etc. :slight_smile:

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I never played OPF and A1, except for the OPF spin offs to the consoles. But somebody did the awesome CWR2, Cold War ReArmed mods for A2 and those allow you to replay the campaigns and use assets (means from an GM POV, have assets) from A1 in A2, so you basically don’t really have to go through A1.
As long as CWR3 project is not up, it’s a great scenario moment to play the CWR campaign in A2, you get to play the attacker as well as the defenders and even the local militia.
You first DL the CWR2 from this link ,CWR2 , the first link Cold War Rearmed² v1.01 is ok , you don’t need the specific armies DL’s.
Then you take the 3 campaigns from here , and have a lot to play :
CWR missions
take the following to play all 3 factions:

If you have any trouble , PM me, I installed it a few month ago, but I guess I can help out on the details.

Got some good ones for it and having a blast so far. Anyone interested in cooping the campaigns, if that’s possible?

Is that even possible? If it is, I’ll be super happy to play them with ya

Yeah, there seems to be a ‘host’ option when I pull up the campaign. I’ll have to look into it and let you know if it works.

I’d be down for that. I have arma 2 but I’ll need to install it when I get home on Sunday.

Awesome! When everyone get’s things together, I’ll put something together for it. Lite mods and maybe ACE.

How many people does it allow? This could be an easy way to do some awesome mini ops if we make it an event

Not sure, I’ll have to get back to you on it. I’ll check it soon :slight_smile:

I think its 4 people on the main campaign for arma 2. I think the campaign in arma 2 is the best campaign in the series. Arma 3 was good, but I didnt like the "drama" with the british guys, especially that we didnt get any answers.

You should be carefull to mod arma 2 to play the campaign. Exsample, if you add a medical system, then when the "story" have a wonded AI, it could led to bugs, and then your stuck not able to continue.