ARK, come join us!

Hey lads !
Never dreamed to feed a megalodon, visit caves full of giant spiders giant snake and giant bats, and running for your life because of a T-Rex ?
Yeah… none of those looks really appealing sure of course
But maybe (Louis CK thanks James) doing that with other will be ******* fun .
You can do it with me and and your friends, hopefully none of the above on a regular basis, but you can do it here,
[zbf]FR/EN|PvPvE|SemiRP - (v174.31)
Friend of mine is renting that server, and i’m acting as admin for times to times when i’m playing there,
Feel free to join us there :slight_smile:

Gameplay from JackFrags down there if you don’t know the game :slight_smile:


I’ve heard that in it’s current state ARK ain’t worth the money, mainly because it’s not optimized. I’m gonna wait a couple of months before I buy this game

They have done a great job of optimising it! My friend is playing it with his relatively weak (gtx 660m) laptop on low settings with no problems. Earlier this week it was unplayable for him, but the improved it a lot in the last few days!

Hmmm, I dunno, the dinos looked really weird (animation wise), and I also want to buy theHunter: Primal… We’ll see

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