Appendix to TTP3

Appendix to TTP3



Carpe Noctem’s structure has evolved over the many years we have existed. As such, it makes sense that we publish our appendix to the Arma 3 Tactical Guide by ShackTac (also known as «TTP3» or «ShackTac Guide») for aspiring leaders and members alike to understand our adaptations of TTP3.

This document is a foundation for the CNTO platoon structure and is used for reference within the community in addition to TTP3.

Aside from the platoon structure, this guide details the chain of command (CoC) and our radio structure. Any tactics and procedures in use by CNTO that are not covered by the Arma 3 Tactical Guide or that differ from TTP3 are described in this appendix guide.

Platoon Structure and Roles

This is the appendix section to the TTP3 chapter The Company.


The core of the platoon consists of the Platoon Commander’s element and three infantry squads: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The rest are support elements designed to fulfil specific tasks or vehicle crews operating our armour, helicopters and planes.

  • Platoon Sergeant is multi-rolled as the platoon’s second in command (2iC) and «Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)», also known as «Forward Air Controller (FAC)» in TTP3.

  • Platoon Rifleman essentially provides security for the element but, within our structure, can be multi-rolled to fulfil the tasks of a «UAV Operator» or other support functions.

Squads & Fireteams

Our fireteams differ from those employed by ShackTac as they utilise six-man fireteams, while we employ only four-man fireteams. Therefore, our squads are ten people strong, not fourteen. Our fireteam colour coding also differs from the Arma 3 Tactical Guide. Due to barrier-of-entry concerns (colour blindness), we matched colour combinations that avoid these issues as much as possible. The smaller fireteam size is also why we generally only feature two colours per squad (one for each fireteam) instead of colour-coding buddy teams individually. We do employ a standard colour scheme as shown below:

Alpha 1 – Alpha 2 / Bravo 1 – Bravo 2 / Charlie 1 – Charlie 2

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