Another festival coming up. Give me tips !

So this weekend is Graspop. I doubt I’ll see any of you there but if you do plan on going let me know ! Which bands are must see’s and which bands are no go’s ? Let me know !

Live stream will be here :
Most looking forward to Stray from the Path on Friday and Code Orange on Saterday and Faith no More on Sunday :slight_smile:

Koorpiklaani! :smiley:
Never seen them live though.

Edit: As long as you like folkmetal, that is.

Saw them a few years back. Definitely going to check them out again because they where pretty good !

So many 90s bands that i used to listen to…

You have to see Dragonforce just for "Through fire and flames". Just to see everyone go crazy and then leave afterwards.

But seriously how do you guys have so many freakin headliners? Kiss, Motörhead, Judas Priest, lamb of god, Slipknot, Scorpions? The "rock" festival in Denmark (Roskilde) only has Mastodon, Kygo, AC/DC and Lamb of God. You even have to buy a seperate ticket to see AC/DC?

You have to buy a seperate ticket for acdc to here. They Come on a seperate date to. I already saw 90% of the bands btw. Never saw faith no more so looking forward to them.

Yeah our line-ups are usually this good. You should’ve seen the linu-up for Fortarock XXL, that was freaking amazing (if only I could’ve been there).

OT: I would go for 5FDP, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Children of Bodom, DragonForce and ofcourse Slipknot

PS. Any chance that you can take me with you in a backpack or something?

Theres still tickets Chris. Even got space in my car to drive you to it and back !

Nah man that’s too much money, still saving up for a better GPU.

I am however going to Dynamo which is only 15 euros. Has Alestorm and Arch Enemy. Any chance that you’ll be there too?

I am at the Dynamo a few times each month. But if your refering to the Metal Fest then no sorry.

I am and darnit xD

Kataklysm hell jeah

Samael … sometimes they are good but not my stile

Equilibrium … more classic, chill, instrumental … love it!

OMG Aborted … must see… dont know why on list sooooo small

I can’t believe I missed Heidevolk on that list, you definitely have to see them! They’re one of my favorite bands :smiley:

Back ! It was so good. The atmosphere of Graspop never seems to amaze me. So many different styles of music and everyone gets along. Quite tired now but I’ll give you a small rundown of the highlights.
[spoiler=]A to Z : A day to remember, solid performance good crowd. You’re either lucky enough to see them on a good day or you are stuck with the off note singer.
Alice Cooper, Good show and lots of hits.
Body Count, What do you expect when you have Ice T on stage. That guy is a beast and is hardcore as fuck.
Code Orange, Its hard to keep track on how many paramedics ran to the pit to drag people out of it. Its also hard to keep track on how many I caused.
Equilibrium, Solid performance and easy to listen to compared to a lot of other bands at Graspop.
Every time I die, Always good and this was no exception.
Heidevolk, Really busy but beer songs and drunk metal heads. Needless to say that they got the crowd going.
In flames, Great show and great performance. I never saw these dudes to bad at a concert. Always spot on.
Judas priest, Do you have any idea how old the singer is ? And he still pulls it off ? Amazing.
Life of Agony, Really enjoyed this. The singer (girl/man?) was so friendly and made the crowd go nuts.
Papa roach, A band that had a lot of hits already but I think they still have a lot of potential. Good show and great performance.
Parkway Drive, One of the bands that had the crowd going the most surprisingly. A young band but stage presence was better than most of the headliners.
Stray from the path, Speechless. If your into it then check it out.
Terror, Performed without their lead singer and with their base player on vocals. But still a great show and a lot of fun.
Texas in july, Last EU tour and man I’ll miss them. Great performance and the vocalist is a beast.
The Ocean, Making an album about going deeper and deeper into the ocean and then making each song darker and more twisted as you go. The show was the same, started out with very accessible music but ended up being dark and heavy.
Within temptation, I can understand why this band is so hyped. Great performance and great show. Lots of guest singers.

Other notable bands which I saw from a distance because it was so busy (Sold out festival for the first time).
Korpiklaani, Children of bodom, Septicflesh, Samael, My dying bride, Lamb of god, Kiss, Kataklysm, Five finger death punch, Exodus, Equilibrium, Counterparts, Arch enemy, Amorphis and Aborted.[/spoiler]

As soon as I find some good videos I’ll link em. Thanks for all the tips ! Really enjoyed most of the bands you mentioned :smiley: