Anders' war Photografies

Hi Guys.

I have decided to take photos (Screenshots) in our operations from now on and make them public here for you to see the awesome moments again and for newcommers to get an idea of what’s in store. So with no further to do i present you the first album of many hopefully. Tell me what you think!

When the lights go out: When the lights go out - Album on Imgur

This was a very small scale operation consisting of only a fireteam and a medic on our side. We were tasked to clear out a small island in the night. It was stormy and the visibility was not good but we made it.

Operation Phone Home: Operation Phone Home - Album on Imgur

Xmas Event: Xmas Event - Album on Imgur

Really fun op and good photos. To my suprise the weather settings made it even more interesting !

Yeah it was awesome! Next time i’ll add some small descriptions to a few of them

New album: Operation Phone Home - Album on Imgur

Operation Phone Home from yesterday!

Look really awesome Anders! Keep up the good work!

Thanks man!

You should get your own album in the gallery.

New Album: Xmas Event - Album on Imgur

From the Xmas event!

From now on will Anders’ war photografies be uploaded in the enjin Gallery. Feel free to upload pictures to the operations album if you have any (But keep the funny ones in the "Arma 3 operations" album please)