Ammo Resupply

Hey Guys,

I have been thinking about this one for the last couple of days. I couldn’t see it being talked about anywhere else, so I thought I would start this thread to get your views.

A couple of times in recent Ops we have begun to run low and even run out of ammo. I really enjoy this and it makes ops and some situations much more interesting. However resupplying has been a bit of an issue, simply because we can’t spawn in the right ammo and it causes ARs to switch to new weapons etc. In general this isn’t the most fun and must annoy Clarke as he arranges supply drops.

I have been thinking that maybe in the editor we should spawn a few ammo boxes/crates along the edge of the runway at our starting location, filling them with the ammo, grenades, medical supplies etc that we need. Then our pilot can either load them up via AGM, or sling load the boxes if possible and drop them at are required LZ. It would mean the troops on the ground would need to secure LZs as required which adds another dimension to our game play, and it would also give the pilots something different/a little more interesting to do.

What do you guys think?

You’re definitely right on the spot Ozzie. Clarke and I have already discussed this, and came to pretty much same conclusion. Until it is completely implemented, we will have to ask our pilots to fill up the backpacks with ammo from supply truck in base and drop them off at an LZ.

Great minds think alike! :cool:

I agree and we’ll have to look into this and how we want to resolve it. There are several methods all with pros and cons. As Ryujin said our ammo trucks at base do feature the correct ammo plus backpacks already. I’m going to propose a couple of other options for the November NCO meeting.

Just an official update in this regard:

We have now developed a system where we have three Resupply Boxes at main base which can be directly picked up by any helicopter.