Americas Army: Proving Grounds

I’m just downloading this thingy since it has mostly positive reviews on Steam and I’m wondering if any of you guys played it or want to try it.

From what I gathered, it’s small-scale, like 6v6 so it might be fun and challenging for a well synced team, which of course - we are :slight_smile:

Wait, America has an Army? Who would’ve thought that Mexico, Canada and the US would bond together and form an international army…

Maybe they should’ve named it 'Muricas army :slight_smile:

Played it, cannot say that I did not like it. You can’t hate AA.

Unless you’re at an afgan wedding…

I might be able to convince Highway and Spartak to DL it so there’d be 4-6 of us. Could be fun.

Played the old one a shit ton. The new one not so much. Willing to give it a try though.

Low on disk space. :slight_smile:

[justify]Back in the days I played it a lot. But it hasn’t aged all that well for me, I prefer CS:GO or Insurgency for slightly arcady-high-damage-output-shooters.[/justify]

See, I have Insurgency and I’ve never really given it a proper chance. That might be cool as well…

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