Always interesting to see the 2 sides

… of a Shacktac Adversial Op.

OPFOR Dslyecxi’s:


BLUFOR CHKilroy’s:


BLUFOR defends their position from an OPFOR assault.
I checked and there were 44 players on that event. Gives a good insight of how such firefight can really feel intense and not under crowded with less than 50 players.

44 players is ALOT.
That’s 2x the amount of players we get on our coop missions recently. I wouldn’t call it undercrowded at all.

We can hope to play such PvP’s when people start coming back from LoA’s, reserves and recruits start flowing again.

Yes sure,
I was comparing the numbers with COOP missions, where even with our numbers on a decent day (± 28 ) you can simulate through AI (1:2 or 1:3) an intense and longer firefight, for just taking one position.

great stuff. i wonder though, any specific advantages of using the launcher at the first guy he engaged? he could of take him down faster with an ak. instead, he used two HE grenades to take him out. (OPFOR video, minute: 14:20)

what i would think of from top of my mind is:

  1. it might be harder to spot where the fire is from when using a launcher - from up close, rather than a rifle.
    2 possibility of multiple enemies out of sight that may be affected as well, though it’s only a possiblity

still he needed to use two HE grenades, on two occasion to take the enemy out, and risk being spotted quicker without taking anyone out.

would like any insight on that.

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