Alien Swarm

As poked a bit in the Helldivers thread, I’d like to play some Alien Swarm (100% free game from Valve, not "free to play"), an isometric teamwork-based shooter.


I have played it some 3-4 years ago with 1 additional player, which is fine for the first few missions, but we’d really need at least 3, possibly all 4 players for the later missions. The base game has only a single campaign worth of 5 (or 6?) missions, but I have a huge map/modpack for it in case we find ourselves wanting more.

I managed to set up a server, forwarded a port, so just poke me on TS if you want to give it a shot - it’s IMHO an easy game to pick up, but it takes a little while to master (especially with parasites at later stages), but that only makes it so much more fun and chaotic.

I used to play this a fair amount. I’d be up for some but I have a busy week and then I will be away for a couple of weeks.

Me to i will play with you guys … Holidays are approaching :slight_smile: will have some spare time!

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