ACRE2 speaking volume

So I’ve just played an OP with 100% mic volume and 10% boost and to me that is loud. That is way louder than would care to hear myself but given it’s Arma it’s not the worst thing. Now, I’ve experienced people tell me I’m quiet with this mic so I set up the way that nobody complaints anymore but somebody on that OP has actually told me I’m too quiet so I yanked the boost to 20% which, as I later heard on a recording, just made my microphone peak with every word I said and I’d shoot myself if I had to listen to somebody’s mic like this for 2 hours.

So here’s a tip for everyone who might be having problem with hearing people in Arma (I use it myself). Go into addon settings, ACRE2 (or ACEX volume, can’t remember right now but pretty sure it’s ACRE), and increase the volumes there. Post-mix makes radios louder and people’s volume over distance louder, pre-mix seems to be just base speaking volume. I personally find it difficult to hear people around me with the default settings so I have post-mix at 2.5 and pre at 1.2. Though if you have an issue with 1 person’s volume then I’d urge people to just making those quiet ones louder through team speak. I had to do it a few times myself because I won’t blast my ears off just for 1 person.

I genuinely find this setting helpful, especially since I have my game loud in the first place, and I wish I had known about it earlier so there you go.

I think that’s incorrect. At least from Bullhorn’s testing years ago, postmix actually raises direct speech volume over distance, making the experience feel much closer to real life. Premix 1.0 and postmix 3.0 were found to be the perfect values, with radio volume adjusted to taste on the radio itself (ACRE2 actually now remembers your volume setting between games).

Things might have changed with JSRS, but I still use the above values to great effect. My only complaint is with JSRS vs other game sounds, not with ACRE2 direct speech or radios.

I mean… You’re the expert, I always thought you’re a computer wizard so maybe you’re right but I gotta say making post-mix value higher made my radio hurt my ears so perhaps post-mix is both radio and over-distance volume? I would assume pre-mix is just base volume level since that helps me hear people around me but they do sound a bit quiet over distance so I’ll tinker with it. If you’re right (which I assume you are xD) then I’ll just lower radio volume and raise post-mix volume to hear everyone louder overall. The more you know…

I don’t know, things might have changed, but (back then) high postmix made for a more natural fall-off direct speech curve, when compared to other Arma environment sounds.

See the first few minutes of

So actually I tinkered with it a little on our last OP and I done goofed, you were right Freghar thought changing post-mix also does affect radios volume. But that’s a good thing actually. I jump between 60 and 80 now, 60 for when it’s quiet, 80 for when it’s hot and 100 for blackhawk down kind of chaos.