ACE3 Training Simulator


Hey, guys…not sure if you guys are still planning on switching over to ADV medical, but this is an excellent training mission for it. The video goes through what the guy does to set it up, so it would be easy to set up a training mission (or just a spot in the template) based around it. Very simple and easy to use, though I did have to go in and add a respawn marker (for some reason loading it as a MP mission causes you to die on spawn). I’d advise adding in a few ACE med supply boxes, but he does include a couple of limited arsenals.

The basic operation uses a script that generates a soldier who is then wounded via ACE damage. The damage and wound types are random ranging from minor to large. Its a great way to practice basic combat first aid.

Anyway, thought I’d share.

Nice find dude looks like a good way to train.

Seen it on reddit, didn’t try it out yet but looks very good.

Yeah, the best thing about it is that you can easily integrate it into a training template and have it off to the side for some practice during/after/while-waiting during training.

Already done it’s been implemented into the master training grounds I have made. Ready for testing and release soon ; )