AAR_Altis Campaign - Jan 2015

[b]After Action Report
Altis Campaign - January 2015

Duration: 3 Days
Location: NE Altis
Objective: Clear the NE area of Altis of all enemy forces.

Day One:[/b]
We moved north east from the main airfield to assault FoB Vengeance. We needed to secure the long ridge to the south and the mortar position on the western peninsula, before assaulting the main base.

We landed by chopper far south of the Area of Operations and moved north on foot. However the teams got very spread out and were attacked from multiple directions and the going was slow and tough, but we eventually reached the ridge line. At this position we were constantly strafed by a gunship, luckily the MMG team bravely stood their ground and brought the bird down! MAT team still dispute this fact and claimed the kill for themselves…

Alpha 1 and MMG moved NW and secured the mortar position, MMG then took control of the mortar whilst Alpha 1 assaulted FoB Vengeance by boat from the west. Meanwhile Alpha 2 and MAT teams attacked from the South. Alpha 1 was pinned on the beach for a while and Alpha 2 in particular took heavy casualties, but with supporting fire from the mortar directed by the squad leader, the position was eventually taken.

Day Two:
We launched an assault by boat in the early hours of the morning, leaving FoB Vengeance and landing on the coastline west of the AAF Outpost in the town. Our objective was to clear the AAF Outpost and in particular, secure the hotel and then capture FOB Fury.

We took heavy casualties during the boat assault due to unforeseen circumstances (the boats were sabotaged by bad code!!!). Our initial assault on the town was halted due to heavy resistance in the town and an attack on our rear. So we cleared the area north and west of the town before we began the assault on the town itself at day break.

We managed to secure the hotel, but due to heavy resistance we were unable to take the rest of the town and after heavy fighting we eventually withdrew. We began to move north and ran into armoured resistance which caused the entire attack to fail and we retreated back to FoB Vengeance.

Day Three:
We were initially going to assault the remaining positions in the northern coastal area and eliminate the few remaining enemy forces. However as we failed to take FoB Fury on Day Two we were forced onto the defensive. We had to secure the bunkers on the ridge line north east of FoB Vengeance (now codenamed Alamo) and hold off a large counter attack, before falling back to the Alamo to make an heroic last stand. Luckily we had reinforcements on this day, with 3 full Fire Teams and a MAT Team available, along with several armed Humvees.

The enemy assault began around midnight. Fortunately there was a fill moon and a clear sky. Squad lead along with MAT and Alpha 1 Teams were located at the eastern most bunker which was on our extreme right flank, however even with these numbers we were still out flanked and forced to withdraw west to the Alamo. Somehow the position held thanks to buddy teams holding their own at each entrance, in some cases taking cover behind the bodies of their fallen comrades! After withstanding a late assault by paratroopers on the western side of the base, the enemy withdrew and the battle came to an end.

Mentioned in Dispatches:

Mr Endurance
Mac went unconscious a couple of times during the fighting at the Alamo. He was very low on blood and we had no medic yet he toughed it out and somehow got back on his feet and survived. This guy can fight through anything! He even survived being left to die by his leader coughOzziecough (What an idiot!), but hey it all ended well and everyone makes mistakes right…right?

The Dedicated One:
Goat for finding himself stuck by himself on the beach in enemy territory a long way from the Area of Operations on Day Two, but he stuck with it and managed to make it back to friendly lines. Even though he was not able to return to his unit until most of the action was finished, he stuck it out until the end. Yet there was not a hint of a rage quit in sight!

General in the Making:
Anders for stepping up when he found himself in overall command at the critical moment, and successfully coordinating a withdrawal of all units to the Alamo on the last night!

Village Idiot:
Anyone got ideas? This is for someone who did something really stupid/very funny in the campaign. On this occasion I can’t think of anything I personally witnessed (my memory sucks mind!).

Honourable Mentions:
Clarke for creating a great campaign and for being a brilliant Zeus on Day Three.
Ozzie who always deserves to get mentioned just because he is awesome (and honourable of course!)

Quote of the Operation:
Anders - "I know what we’ll be eating tonight" (I need context for this one)
Did anyone hear any great one liners in this campaign?

Hey Guys,

I wasn’t sure where to put this thread. War stories seemed like a good place?

I noticed that we haven’t really started up a regular set of after action reports. Is something we should start? Maybe we each take it in turns at trying to write one at the end of every Campaign? I have never really written anything like this before so let me have your thoughts.

I remember that a couple of weeks ago it was mentioned that we should give an award to someone if they don’t get killed at all during in a session. It was generally agreed that this was not the best thing to do because it meant players would possibly be too cautious, being more worried about surviving the night rather than helping their team by doing their job and getting too competitive instead of just having fun.

I agree with this statement, but I was thinking about man of the match awards in sports and I remembered that when I went on tour when playing rugby, we would hand out all sorts of silly awards every week just for fun. So I created the ‘mentioned in dispatches’ section at the end. It is all meant to be tongue in cheek so don’t take it too seriously!

Maybe we could create a thread for each AAR, and when it is agreed that it contains everything we want and it is well balanced etc, it could be added to a locked/sticky thread in the general discussions section (public) which contains all AAFs with comments disabled. We could direct potential recruits to it to have a look at, and get an idea of what our nights are like? The main body of the text could be fairly serious, but the ‘mentioned in dispatches’ section shows our more casual and fun side.

See what I did there? Serious fun? lol

Anyway let me know what you think?

"I know what we’ll be eating tonight" -Anders
You’ll see the context once the video is released. :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as AAR’s are not mandatory I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but I do know that a lot of people would hate having to write an AAR every time. I’ve been in a clan that tried that and it didn’t work very well.

[quote user_id=“11586380” avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/11586380/avatar/medium.1412025928.jpeg” name=“Ozzie”][b]After Action Report
Altis Campaign - January 2015…[/quote]
^^^^THIS^^^^ is a column worthy of placing in our thread on Bohemia Interactive forums. This is exactly what we had in mind for PR to do. If we could get a couple of volunteers to do this every two weeks (not sooner), we could get another source of quality members joining our ranks.

Kudos of the week goes to Ozzie.

Good write ! Was fun to read :slight_smile:

Beautifull Ozzie you awesome and honourable person!

It took me all day to write this one. There is no way I am going through that again!!!

However now that I have a basic format that I like I can put together a simple template, and add to it within 24 hours of an Op finishing. That way it is still fresh in my mind I can only end up writing a little bit at a time which would be a lot easier.

I’ll try this over the next few weeks and see where I get to.

As I said, we would need these kind of columns earliest every two weeks, but it can be even in longer intervals. It should give you time to skip some events if you don’t feel like writing AAR’s, or maybe combining two-three much shorter AARs.

Writer’s tip: Variate what word you start paragraphs with.

I like the idea of this, but I have a suggestion to make: call them Post Action Reports (PAR)

That way the acronym is not to be confused with Asst. AR.

In reality AAR is connected more with After Action Report so PAR might be more confusing. Asst. AR is less known, I think it’s only used by the USMC?

It might be less known in the USMC, but we are not them. We use AAR as Asst. AR on a very regular basis.

^In the end, we don’t do military things ‘because the military does it’. We do it because it makes sense in our context. In our context, AAR is a very much taken acronym. I think the suggestion of PAR is a splendid idea. I’ve no doubt that there will be no problems adjusting to it. Hell. I doubt anyone but the writers will even actively remember it! People tend to look at the content, not at the tags.

I thought this was supposed to go on the BI forums? Around here it goes into the War Stories subforum, it doesn’t really matter how you’ll call them…

Good tip. This is exactly the kind of thing I need pointed out to me! Like I said, I am no writer! lol

I might try and do what I did on this occasion, which was combine the three parts of the Altis Campaign into one. That means that we should get one about every 2 weeks.

[quote user_id=“11341464” avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/11341464/avatar/medium.1553522842.png” name=“Clarke”]I like the idea of this, but I have a suggestion to make: call them Post Action Reports (PAR)
That way the acronym is not to be confused with Asst. AR.[/quote]
Post Action Reports it is! I’ll try this next time and see how it looks and feels.

Keep the comments coming guys!

Sorry, I’m a forgetful bastard. I would still argue for accurate use of AAR so as to always be representative of what will be found when joining the community.

Oh, and Ozzie, I could give you a few more tips if you want me to, but I’d need you to understand that I’m no professional and that my opinion is not gospel, but that at the same time I won’t sugar coat my words a single bit.