A Crewman's Memories

Hey guys.

So Lastmikoi let me play around with some of his footage and I ended up making a small edit of one of the scenes in an older operation (Lit Candle). I recorded all the music myself and this is what I ended up with.

Would love some feedback if you have any - both good and bad.


I’ve got a few questions:

  1. You recorded the music yourself means you made it yourself?
  2. What did you use for editing video? Do you have experience with Premiere and/or After Effects?
  3. Have you ever done video production before this?

I remember this OP ! Was a massacre.
Your video edit is enjoyable. The progression of the events is well transcribed in the moments you chose & the communication we can hear. I like the white jump cuts & the sound that goes with them. It’s not epileptic & goes well with the opressive atmosphere. The music is well implemented & kicks the tension up a knotch when appropriate.
The only criticism I would have is the high pitch whine that’s a bit too present imho. It lasts a bit too long when you use it & underwhelms its intended effect.

Other than that, it’s honestly a good watch & made me relive those tense moments.

Thanks guys!

[user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/13688253/avatar/small.1433248519.jpeg” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] I made the music myself and played it on my piano with a strings effect. I haven’t done much video production before other than a few school projects. Nothing in premiere or after effects. This was done in shotcut.

Awesome. I really loved being the driver for that BMP.

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