2023 CNTO Meetup

Thinking about visiting some Central Europe cities around February 2023 and it would be cool to find some CNTO people! I’m thinking Berlin but don’t know the dates yet apart that it’s going to be around February.

If anyone is interested please let me know in this thread so we can organise something cool :slight_smile:


Berlin is always a vibe.

I will already be in Europe in the first few weeks of Feb so yeah defo. Just so long as some of the older members rock up and I have people to talk to without feeling like a grandad :LOL:

We might also consider a warmer place like Lisbon if people are willing to catch the flight, let me know!

As for the dates we can set 9th to 12th of February, that’s Thursday through Sunday


I’d offer Barcelona as an idea as well if we wish to do something in the central south.

I’d also offer northern EU as an idea as well :wink:

Edited the original post with a poll, you got one week people!

And Berlin wins!

K phase 2.

Sign up down below, ideally going to book a place by Dec 10th so that would be the deadline. Dates are 9-12th February 2023

Yeah, I’ll come.

Damm I am already in Belgium and Holland over the weekend 5th and 6th won’t be able to get time off to go again the following weekend but have fun all!

Booking the sleeping thing in 1 week last call for who wants to join besides Shadisica and I

I wanted to come, but I bought a house (after filling in the poll), and I’m getting it end of January, so I’ll be spending my free time in February getting everything ready for the move. I wish you all the best in Berlin!

No worries Koffer, good luck with the new place!