Coop - Different Perspective

Share your thoughts, feelings, experiances and media related to the mission - Different Perspective by [user avatar=“” name=“Zjosua”]13255879[/user] .


EDIT: Enjoyed the mission, thanks Zjosua!


EDIT: Agree with John

MAT boom

Was I really so low that I killed myself by my rocket or i got straight shot by granade ?


Haha … i will never sit in a chopper with you as pilot again Abuk! But at least i can write a song about that story now (the refrain is already good)!

Short mission for me… 10 mins on the field, the rest i was sitting in base, playing guitar and driving karts!

Shame I missed it, my net was playing up all evening :frowning:

I was looking at MAT position trying to get Alpha in a good spot to help them and the MAT marker disappeared, I really thought it was due to enemies but now I see friendlies made their part too :-d
We definitely need to have proper city sectors as it helps a lot and maybe having a precise plan of which sectors to clear would be good.

Thanks Zjosua for the mission, I’m loving this campaign! And thanks to everybody else for playing, I really enjoyed it.