CNTO Second Official Meet-UP

So, seeing as the enterprising Dutch beat us to it, it’s time to re-enact history and steal the thunder.

I would like to propose that the English meet-up occurs on Saturday 3rd October, at a specific time and venue (in London) to be determined by people in this thread.

Give me places! Give me times! My other half will be out of the country so I can drink!

The 3rd is the day I finish exercise so I will have to see if I finish early enough to make it into London. But I would suggest meeting in Leicester Square, maybe the Garrick Arms?

I’ve just had an old back injury flare up. Never thought I would be in trouble for too much exercise! I have no idea how bad it is so I can’t really make it as I might be house bound for weeks. Anyway you guys have fun and my only bit of advice is meet up somewhere near Covent Garden rather than Leicester Square, still a tourist trap but just a little bit more classy.

Covent Garden is nice :slight_smile:

One day we’ll have an international meet-up :smiley: Also, you should definitely go to Covent Garden as the meet up will then be fun and eco-friendly!

I suggest Croatia,somewhere on the coast,beautiful beaches and bitches, what else do you need :smiley:

I can’t wait to meet Goat :d


Sorry to disappoint but I’m not that hairy…

I agree with Spartak. We’re poor and need you guys to come to us :slight_smile:

I’d suggest the Faroe Islands, there’s so much to do, I promise! (Please I’m so lonely up here! Ó_Ò)

We could all go to the European Capital, Brussels…

Not on Saturday :smiley:

If you guys wait a couple of months then I’ll be in London as well. Also, we should do a roadtrip across europe visiting all the places that Chernarus and Altis were based on (Limnos in Greece and the Czech republic)

Why not both?

I can’t make this saturday, but I’m game to do another one some other time

Yeah think it will have to be a reshedule if that’s ok goat so we can get more people involved, what do you think?

I think you may be right. I will have to set up a doodle poll for the next couple of months